For years we watched people struggle with beach umbrellas and sit in hot stuffy nylon beach shelters when they should have been relaxing all day long in the shade while watching the action enjoying the comfort of a cooling breeze. 

In 2014 we designed the ideal sun shelter - perfect for the beach, usable anywhere to provide sun prtoection, light and easy enough for a one person to set-up and with classic design lines. 

We tested and refined our designs and sizes in varying conditions and launched CoolCabanas with just 2 colour patterns. Since then we've developed our designs, improved the size and fold and each year we bring out new patterns to reflect the latest fashions to ensure our customers are the coolest on the beach.



Our History

Since launching back in 2014 we've captured markets in the USA, Australia, Asia and now the Middle East. So far we have over 60,000 very happy customers relaxing somewhere under a CoolCabana and we've created a whole new segment of sun shelter. Our patented designs, patented set-up process and next our newly patented unique folding mechanism will keep us ahead of the game and ensure life at the beach is spent how it's meant to be - relaxing under a CoolCabana.

We're continuing to work with top designers and influencers all so you can enjoy your time at the beach even more with our new offerings and products under development.