Cat Thompson

Like...there are no corner poles (The corners are just fabric.) The corners are held completely stable, even in high winds, by large pockets that are filled with sand. Like when umbrellas are blown inside-out or tumbleweeding down the beach, you won't have a worry. Like only a single center pole to deal with. Like you can drive the pole into the sand up to the perfect depth, with a few taps using one hand. Like no ribs to install. Like no stakes. Like one person (even a tiny granny like me) can easily set up or break down in a few minutes. Like it folds up to smaller than a beach umbrella. Like it weighs less than many beach umbrellas. I've had mine for two months, using it almost every day, including a couple with near gale-force winds, and it has come through like a champ, and still looks brandy-new. It's so wonderful that we have upcoming trips to Mexico and Hawaii, and we're planning to take fewer clothes so we can pack this baby in our large checked bag!